Richard Gardner

Richard Gardner

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First Name * Richard
Last Name * Gardner
Username * IchI
Country * United Kingdom
City Leeds
Nationality English
Languages English


Current Position Modeller
Areas of Expertise Games Computer
Preferred Tools 3ds maxModelingPhotoshopTexturingAnimation andDesign


Availability: student


At a young age I found a passion for games and competition. I first found out I enjoyed leadership and teamwork roles through competitive gaming, previously unexplored to me through school. Learning, practicing and coming up with new ideas and methods soon became a passion of mine.

Competitive gaming quickly drew me into a more conventional teamwork environment. With my ambition and ability I quickly moved into games modification communities where I began to teach myself Level Development and 3D modeling skills with lower end modification teams with big ideas.

With my commitment I pushed forward my skills and quickly moved forward. With my ability to teach and my confidence in what I now knew I decided to teach others through video tutorials. I did these in series for 3d modeling and Level Development and managed achieve more than 100 thousand downloads becoming a small figure among newbie modelers and level developers.

As a person I am confident in what I do. I strive to achieve more from myself and enjoy sharing what I have with others. I have the ability to learn new skills quickly while staying organized and structured.